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F L O O D      I N S U R A N C E
Only flood insurance covers flood damage.
A 30 day waiting period usually applies before coverage goes into effect.*

Without flood insurance, your recovery options are limited and costly. Your recovery will depend on your savings, your line of credit or the hope that a federal disaster declaration may make State/Federal disaster-related grants and/or U.S. Small Business Administration low-interest loans available.

* If your bank requires you to have flood insurance due to a loan closing or refinance, the 30 day waiting period might be waived.

A Reminder That New Flood Policies don't move as fast as Floods
Most policies need 30 days to take effect
Government assistance is rare. Only the President can declare a federal disaster and even then the aid offered is typically a loan to be repaid with interest.
Protect your home and its contents now. Most policies need thirty days to take effect.  The time to act is now. Get more facts about flooding at

Flood Insurance may cost less than you think.
Call us at 978-283-7757 to find out your flood zone and get started today.

Flood Facts: Floods cause expensive damage.  Two inches of water could cause over $7,000 in damage.  As the water rises, so do your costs.
Most homeowners insurance won’t cover it. Only flood insurance covers the type of damage caused by flooding. But even flood insurance won't cover flood damage to contents in your basement.
So what is covered by a Flood Insurance Policy with FEMA  ?  Follow this link to the FEMA web site for a general guide

If your home flooded, would you know who to call, or how to clean up. Could you afford to repair your home
 and replace your belongings?
Flooding is America’s most common natural disaster, yet many homeowners are unprotected.
Even a small flood could cost you thousands of dollars. As little as two inches of water can cause devastating damage to your home, and most homeowners insurance won’t cover it.
Flood insurance is the best way to protect yourself from the damage of a flood. With the right policy, you’ll be reimbursed for all your covered losses in the event of a flood.
Don’t take the chance. Just because your neighborhood hasn’t flooded yet doesn’t mean it won’t this year.
Safeguard your home against the changing risks of each season. Here in the Cape Ann area, rainstorms, hurricanes, and winter storms create the highest flood risk, plus our coastal location and marshland areas increase the risk.
Flood insurance costs less than you think: For example, homeowners in preferred rate flood zones can get $100,000 coverage on a home with 40,000 contents coverage for $300 to $350 per year. We can help you determine the flood zone and flood insurance cost for your home. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to a flood.Call us at 978-283-7757 to find out your flood zone and get started today. 
      Don’t forget most policies need 30 days to take effect.
              Don’t wait to protect your home.